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Quantitative understanding of a living system and its engineering as a cellular organelle
The final goal of CELLDOCTOR is to understand in excruciating detail the biology of Mycoplasma pneumonia, one of the smallest free-living bacterium. The project has two main objectives: 1) obtain a complete quantitative understanding of a free-living organism (M. pneumonia), by gathering and integrating –omics datasets (transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, etc); 2) engineer the bacterium to an organelle which can enter mammalian cells and secrete organic molecules to rescue misfunctionalities.
CELLDOCTOR is an Advanced Grant funded by the European Research Council (ERC).


European Projects






Interaction Proteome
Functional Proteomics: towards defining the interaction proteome
Interaction Proteome is an Integrated Project (IP). The Project started in January 2004 with 66 month duration. Interaction Proteome aims to establish Europe as an international scientific leader in the analysis of protein-protein interactions. Major objectives include the establishment of a broadly applicable platform of routine methods for the analysis of protein interaction networks.



A Foundation for Synthetic Biology in Europe
EMERGENCE is a coordination action within the EU-NEST-Activities, (FP6 Pathfinder) in the field of Synthetic Biology. Synthetic biology has emerged as a very recent but highly promising approach to re-organizing the scientific biological endeavor by integrating central elements of engineering design. The objective of this coordination action (CA) EMERGENCE is to provide a communication and working platform for the emerging European synthetic biology community in order to strengthen the organizational and conceptual basis of the synthetic biology as a true engineering discipline in biological engineering.

In silico prediction of gene function
GeneFun is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP). Deciphering the information on genome sequences in terms of biological function of the genes and proteins is a major challenge of the post-genomic era. The main of goal of GeneFun is to improve in silico annotation of gene function. The expected outputs of the Project are: improved procedures for inferring gene functions on the basis of sequence similarity, a set of procedures for predicting non-linear functional features from sequence and 3D structure in an automated way, and benchmarked procedures for predicting context-based functional features.


National Projects